Tuesday, September 16, 2008


--So karate or basketball?

"Karate and I'm still mad that you didn't sign me up for Tiger Shullman's."

--Whatever. I had to find you a karate class uptown in the neighborhood.

"Now why would you want a karate class in this neighborhood? Don't you know it's all niggas and gangstas? "

--Ok, first of all, we don't like the language being used but also, you've actually lived in a neighborhood full of niggas and gangstas and all kinds of wack stuff and you know this one is not like that. It's nice!

"Well...maybe not gangstas but it's got niggas!"

--Like who?

"Like me,"--he now begins to point through the wall at the buildings where his friends live--"and Chelsea, and Jason, and Wilson and Moises."

--Yall niggas?

"Yeah we're niggas."

--What does "nigga" mean?

(without hesitation and with patience in his voice)
"In our language, nigga means people you see almost every day."